Being a Malaysian

Colourful plate to reflect what it means to be a Malaysian.


The broken door

The week after we announced my little bun in the stomach, I was in Week 13 of my pregnancy, I came home alone to this scene.

Imagine it was about 6:15 pm in the early evening, sky light was dimming, I parked the car, locked the gate, brought down the dog food, not suspecting anything amiss as yet.

I was alone and it was dark. Then, I came to our main door, it was hacked and slightly ajar ! That few moments made me froze, a slight electrified sensation went through my body, it felt like ten minutes before I could do anything.

But, in reality, I was frozen in thinking, I could not think straight, I opened the door and went straight into the house, I went to search for what has happened to our home although bulgary came to mind, I searched every room as if to look for the culprit, the thieves or something.

Then I saw the missing items from the Master Bedroom, the camera in the sitting room was gone. I sat down and it hit me hard !

I should not have entered the house. I should have drove the car back to my parents or gone to the neighbour to ask for help. I should not enter the house alone in that condition of mine, the thieves could not still doing their business inside !

It was an OMG moment, I was unable to think straight, I did so many wrongs in that ten minutes.

Then, I called my mum and father in law, as it was in the days of no handphone, they were shocked that I was sitting in the house calling.

I had no fear in me at that time. Probably mere ignorance or no common sense, either way, I was daft and silly to do things like.

Thankfully, there was no thief in the house, I sat there waiting for help to come. The police came at 7pm and took a lot of pictures, I had no faith that they would be able to recover them. They are very petty items. There was no gold in that house !

That night, my parents ordered me not to sleep there, my husband prayed for me on the phone as he was working away from home that time. It was a tender moment.

Learning to be pretty

Our 2nd KK GB Company girls are so blessed, they were taught by not one but two former captains of Girls’ Brigade in a day !

Learning the important things of how to take care of the skin.